Great Boss Dead Boss

How to exact the very best performance from your company and not get crucified in the process.

Ray Immelman

Ray Immelman

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"As an international management consultant, I have always been fascinated by the extraordinary diversity of people in management positions. After the first ten years and more than a hundred companies, I came to realize that leadership values and attitude are the most important factors in the success of an enterprise.

"Through first-hand observation, I analyzed the dynamic interplay between leaders and subordinates, which lead to the formulation of the concepts in GREAT BOSS DEAD BOSS™.

"However, as soon as the book was published, the reaction told me that I have opened a Pandora's box of frustration for many leaders. Correspondence I receive recount tales of management that would leave Dilbert speechless."

Great Boss - Dead Boss
The Premise

Throughout the twentieth century, human motivation was considered to be an individual trait. It was defined by models such as Abram Maslow's hierarchy of needs or McGregor's Theory X and Y and McLelland's need for achievement, affiliation and power. Then there are the behavioral trait models such as Meyers-Briggs or the DISC styles.

In my management consulting career that spans more than four decades working with more than 175 management teams on all continents around the world, I observed remarkably different group motivation drivers. There was a handful of companies who created profoundly compelling places to work. The companies exuded contagious excitement, mutual respect and a drive to succeed. You could smell it in the air.

I vowed to determine what it was that made them so extraordinary. The result I published in Great Boss – Dead Boss. In the 15 years of uninterrupted publication around the world, the book has brought one compelling message to managers:

It is possible to manage the motivation of an entire organization as a well-proven process.

By applying the model described in the book, your company can generate commitment, enthusiasm to go the extra mile and a strong sense of identification with success – all for free.

John D. Rockefeller said: “I will pay more for the ability to deal with people than for any other ability under the sun.” We contend that motivating an entire organization in structured, measurable and repeatable manner is close to priceless.

You owe it to your employees to create an environment of high motivation, mutual support and excitement to succeed. The recipe is in your hands.

It is up to you to use the Great Boss – Dead Boss model to create an extraordinary place to work. We'll be cheering for you all the way.

The Book
Are you ready to exact the best performance from your company?

Published in Europe, India, Africa and the USA, Great Boss – Dead Boss provides deep and compelling insight into how organizations motivate people to deliver their best. Written as a novel, it describes the journey of a young plant manager to transform a struggling business into a highly successful money machine.

The book has compelled many people to purchase a large number of copies for their entire management team. If you wish to do so, please tick the “bulk purchase” box on the order form for a special bulk discount. Others wish to send them as gifts to other executives. You can order special named and autographed versions also on the website for this purpose. We'll mail the book on your behalf.


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Mike Ahearn
Mike Ahearn
First Solar, Arizona

"Great Boss - Dead Boss" underscores that motivated, productive organizations are built by the collective daily actions of people within them.

"Ray offers something much more valuable than the next "silver bullet" for improving corporate culture - an insightful frameowrk for action that enables people within organizations to ask themselves the right questions, and through their collective effort to:

  • Find and implement the answers.
  • Develop highly motivating and enduring bonds.

"Ray's brilliance lies not only in his deep understanding of human behavior but also in his ability to communicate his ideas in ways that can be commonly internalized and put into action by people dedicated to improving their organizations."

David Hodes
David Hodes
Ensemble Partners

"Ray has done every organizational leader a great service by providing a framework for understanding the riddle wrapped in an enigma that is leadership. His insights into our tribal behavior and how the dynamic of individual and collective security and value can not only be understood, but practically applied to the betterment of all, raises the bar for all interested in the field of group dynamics. His decision to use the form of a novel as the vehicle for the explanation of his insights makes them accessible and easily understood, whilst not diluting the power of the ideas themselves."

"I have always wondered how you can get a group of people with different and varied affiliations to not only work for the common good, but actually want to excel at doing so. In Great Boss Dead Boss, Ray shows the reader some high leverage answers to the question. The book, written in a captivating prose style, follows the protagonist Greg’s journey of discovery, mentored by the crusty, wise Butch. In the storyline are countless nuggets of wisdom and insight which would serve well anyone who aspires to a position of leadership."

Rudiger Wolf
Rudiger Wolf
Critical Chain, UK

"Ray, I wanted to congratulate you on your excellent book. I’m going to recommend it to all my friends. I chuckled with recognition at some of the situations you so vividly painted in you book. I can’t wait to apply your insights in the real word."

Management Tool

Through our global netowrk of GBDB professional associates, we have developed a profoundly powerful motivational measurement and management toolset. With the Pacemaker™ measurment model, you can accurately measure the level of IV, IS, TV and TS as well as the strength and impact of the 23 tribal motivators.

This establishes the baseline against which the GBDB model is implemented, and improvments in motivation is longitudinally measured. Deficiencies in motivation is evaluated by organizational group, by organizational and by location. This makes it possible to manage organizational motivation with fine granulation. The Pacemaker methodology eliminates the phony results of traditional employee surveys where participants mark everything as "great" in order to avoid management attention and "remedial classes" and to get rid of the nuisance as quickly as possible.

The Vice President of Human Resources of a Fortune 100 global corporation siad to me "We know the results are faked, so we make fake deductions about how good the organization feels about itself". Pacemaker insures that you get the real picture of how your employees feel about the company. You can learn more about this remarkable tool and process Here

Great Boss Dead Boss - Management Tool Great Boss Dead Boss - Management Tool
The Community

Throughout the years, we have been amazed at the success achieved by managers using the motivation management model in Great Boss - Dead Boss. A spontaneous community of high-achievment managers and leaders that have become our friends. We would be delighted to welcome you to this remarkable global network of achievers. You can become a part of the inner circle by completing the form below. We will add you to our newsletter as well as send you notification of unpublished gatherings of the high achievers.

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Network of Advisors

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